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Mount Bailey Climb

July 25, 2014

Coordinator: Bill Nelson

Summit Altitude: 8300 feet
Elevation Gain: 3000 feet
Round-trip Distance: 10 miles
Excursion Time: 7 hours (car-to-car)

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Friday 7/25 Bill and friends arrived at Diamond Lake CG early afternoon. We bicycled and swam in the warm lake under clear blue skies. Fritz C. and Mary J. arrived late on Friday evening.

Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast and took the short drive to the lower Mt.Bailey trailhead. Started trail at about 10:00am anticipating a return in about seven hours to the car. It was hot out and we did not make as good time as we would have liked. The trail was mostly shaded, good, smooth and even and without bad footing until the last 800 vertical feet or so.

This trail has a bit of a rock navigation issue before the summit which may preclude casual hikers. We returned to the car at around 6:00pm.. We could look forward to a nice lake swim or campground shower!

Saturday night we camped again at Diamond lake CG. Sunday we broke camp and departed.

Bill and company drove back via Oregon route 138 toward Roseburg, stopping at various viewpoints/waterfalls. It also provided views of the beautiful Umpqua river. Summary: Highly recommended.

Post Script: at this time of year there seemed to be very few mosquitoes at the Diamond Lake area. Easily dealt with with a very small amount of repellent.

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Bill (leader) says:
You should see a form up above to check your contact details, please verify that they are correct and submit. Thanks! BN

Mary says:
What time are you leaving the valley? Can you stop at a stop and ride parking lot by the State of Oregon Motor pool in Salem to pick me up? It is right by I-5. Thank you. Mary

Fritz says:
Myself and Shawn are planning on coming down from Portland Friday afternoon or evening... we may have Siena with us, in which case our car will be pretty full, but she's having schedule troubles so she might not come, in which case we'll have spare room. We're planning to head back Saturday night.

Fritz says:
Bill, do you think there's any snow up there?

Bill (leader) says:
All, We live about 1/2 mile West of the Salem airport. As such we are close to the I-5 freeway entrance at Mission street. So if Mary is speaking of the Airport Road MoPoo then we are right there. We are planning to leave at 09:00 on Friday morning. We have room for one person and their gear in the intrepid Subaru. I have never been to that State motor pool location so will need specifics...

Bill (leader) says:
Fritz, I don't think there will be much deep snow to contend with, but one never knows. I'll be bringing gaiters for snow/scree protection. Be prepared!

Fritz answers:
Ok. Gaiters but no snowshoes, gotcha.

Mary says:
Bill-Thank you for offer to ride w/ you Friday am. Unfortuantly, not able to ride in the am. Fritz-If you do have room. Like to see if I can carpool with you. Let me know by noon tomorrow if you have room. Also, I am flexible to leave Saturday after the hike or Sunday. Maybe I can see if I can carpool back w/ Bill on Sunday. If not I may have to ride solo. Bill-have things have to do Friday am so it is challenge to leave for me at 9 am. As for gators. I don't have gators --is there anyone that has extra gators I can borrow. If not I can see if I can get some at the mountaineer store here in Salem. Cheers. Thank you. Look forward to mountain time. mj

Fritz answers:
Looks like Siena is out, so you can join up with us, one way or both. It would be ideal to get out of Portland before the rush hits, so I'm thinking like 3pm. It's about four hours to Diamond Lake. Would that work for you, Mary and Shawn?

Bill (leader) says:
Hey Mary, We have an extra set of gaiters you can borrow. Sorry to hear that you can't leave early on Friday. But we can certainly give you a lift back to town on Sunday. I highly recommend the Salem Summit Company store. The two times I have been in it has been staffed by knowledgeable, friendly people. It is owned by a Chemeketan.

Shawn says:
Hey Fritz & group Really sorry to say but I have to cancel. Im super bummed & really needed the time out. I have a personal / family issue I need to deal with. Sorry I didnt let you know sooner but I have been trying hard to resolve but just couldnt.

Bill (leader) says:
Sorry Shawn. Hope you can get it taken care of. See you on a future trip! BN

Mary says:
Hi Fritz and Bill: I am a go to meet Fritz for car pool. Does that work for Fritz? I will be waiting at the Salem Motor Pool park and ride. You take 22 freeway exit in Salem (1100 Airport Rd. SE Salem). Bill: I will borrow a pair of gators. Talked with Peter Urban today and we were thrilled you live in Salem. Definitely need to network with you for trails to hike or climb. I can be reached at (###-###-####. Text me Fritz what time you plan to pick me up thinking around 4 pm if you leave Portland at 3 pm. I am so excited. My birthday is Monday so this is by B-day celebration too. I will bring the booze. Let me know if you like beer or wine. Thanks. mj

Fritz answers:
Ok, sounds good. I'll text you when I'm on my way (my number is above if you need to text me). Beer for me, though generally modestly. Turns out my Sunday engagement has canceled, so I can stay Saturday night if it works out so, doesn't matter much to me either way. Cheerio!

Bill (leader) says:
Bringing gaiters. Happy birthday Mary! Both. BN

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