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Cloud Cap Inn

We had a really great trip despite the fact that some of us came up in a howling blizzard--would have killed a lesser man. But we had good weather two of the three days, which is about all you can expect this time of the year. Included is a photo of the inside of the cabin. A lot of snow had blown in and coated everything in white. It looked like a scene from The Shining. We hauled buckets of snow from the inside of the cabin. We got it cleaned up, dried out, and ready for a fun weekend.

We had a total of 25 folks at the cabin. There were 12 from SAC, 11 from the Arbuckle ski club as well as Scott Hukari, our Crag Rat host, plus his friend, Steve Berkson. Those from SAC were, Bill Geible and Linda Willnow, John and Joanna Coyier, Mike Gabe and friend Bill Mullins, Rich Margosian and Dana, Lou Schwab, Doug Adair, and Fritz Capell.

Lou Schwab

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