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Mount Saint Helens

Although Benjamin and Peter have been climbing mountains since they were five and seven, until Wednesday they had never climbed a mountain in a single day. Okay, a couple small ones. I was curious how their vertical feet per hour rate would compare to a typical SAC climb of adults, about 800 or 900 feet per hour. They reached the summit at an average rate of 730 feet per hour. So they're not ready for climbing with adults just yet. Here is Ben on the rocky middle section of the climb, which seems to take about a third of the overall time.

And here is the summit shot, a stitched panorama with Rainier and Spirit Lake on the left and Adams on the right. Ben and Peter are the two sleeping on the right. Next time I'll know to not wake them in the middle of the night to drive to a climb. We spent an hour on the summit. They slept about forty-five minutes of that time.


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