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Mount Thielsen


Nine SAC members, friends and climb school graduates had a successful and fun climb on Mt Thielsen last week-end; Craig Faiman, Ric Weaver, Jeff Herd, the Solonika family (Paul, Bonnie, John and Bobby), Fritz Capell and Mike Combelic. We all gathered at Broken Arrow campground at Diamond Lake at various times on Friday evening (note: Ric decided to squeeze in a 60+ mile bike loop around Crater Lake before coming to the campground. Just a little warm-up I guess!). We got a "modified" alpine start at roughly 6:00 am and started up the Thielsen trail. At 4 miles we came to the PCT junction where we picked up a climbers trail working our way up the west ridge with an interesting mix of trail, scree and some 4th class scrambling over a mix of dinner plates, marbles, etc. We came to a small saddle on the south side at the base of the summit block. Our resident "rock person", Ric, lead the pitch to the summit and we then belayed everyone up and then back down. As we were working our group up, the deluge of more climbers began to appear, there were probably 20 + people working their way up the mountain. It was a beautiful day and seemed to attract a lot of folks to the mountain. After we all had our time on the top we began our descent back down the west ridge, getting back to our vehicles at about 3:00 PM. We had a little debrief and showers back at the campground and then some of us headed home and some off to more adventures.

Thank you all for a great trip! Hopefully I will not wait another 9-10 years before going back there again. It is a fun climb.



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