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Snow and Ice Climbing Practice, Eliot Glacier on Mount Hood

Hi SACsters,

We had a great turnout for this year's ice climbing seminar. SAC climbers Kipp Bajaj, Mary Fry, Craig Faiman, Gegg Huld, Chris Beech, Dave Rawlings, Rich Margosian and Doug Adair were joined by Mike and Doerte Mahaney from the Washington Alpine Club for two days of fun on Mt. Hood's Elliot Glacier. We had great weather, solid ice to climb on, and a sumtuous potluck around a roaring fire at Cloud Cap Saturday night. On Saturday we worked on techniques and anchors with some top roping on steep and steeper crevasses. Sunday, we broke into rope teams and worked our way up and through the maze of broken seracs and crevasses. It was really something to watch everyone's skills and confidence grow by leaps and bounds over the two days. Now lets go climb something gnarly!

Doug Adair

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