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Mount Jefferson Recon

Hi SACsters,

As part of a three days "relaxing" with my wife in Jeff Park on an absolutely *perfect* weekend, I wandered up the mountain a ways n Saturday to scope out some routes and get a bit of exercise. I left Bays Lake a little before 6:00, wandered up the Jeff Park Glacier to about 8,500' to take a couple of shots, then crossed over and followed a Mazama boot/wand path across Whitewater. Made the Red Saddle about noon hoping to find the traverse covered with a fixed line only to find the 11 Mazamas about to descend. There was no route on the traverse, the Mazama's decided not to put one in, and, after weighing the merits of soloing the traverse or swimming in Bay's Lake, I went swimming. After a relaxing lunch at the saddle, I began the descent at 12:30 and was pulling off my boots at the north end of Bays Lake at 3:00. Needless to say, the upper Whitewater was in excellent condition to allow for such a rapid descent.

Hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Doug Adair


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