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Mount Rainier Day Hike

Hi SACsters,

The west side of Jeff was too sloppy this weekend for the Milk Creek Climb, so Kipp and I decided to wander up to Mt. Rainier for the day. We left Paradise about 7:30 am in a foggy drizzle following the well-established bootpack and wands. At about 8,000', we cleared the clouds and saw nothing but brilliant sunshine until we descended later in the day. We made Camp Muir for lunch and napped in the sunshine. Continuing up Cadaver Gap, we made it to a little over 11,000' near Ingraham Flats before we decided to head back down. Kipp says next time we should start at 5 pm and just keep going. It could happen . . .

Hope your weekend was enjoyable.

Doug Adair


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