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Mount Hood, Dog (South) Route

Greg . . et al,

Hood was fabulous on 1/18 - Kipp and I waved to all of you from the top. We were sitting at the Pearly Gates so I could shoot some video of the Hogback when a guy came down from the top with two dogs (after all, the south side is the "dog route"). The next fellow mentioned that we would really like the summit because "there is a bit of a breeze to cool you off." When have you heard that at 11,000' in mid-January?!? Summit photos of the happy climbers appended.

Conditioning climbs are just what they sound like - forays up the south side of the mountain to assist the climbers improve physical and technical conditioning. Unless we are experiencing the combo of precip and a high freezing level (I hate rain on snow), I'll probably be up on Hood most weekends doing something because there is no better place around here to get in exercise at altitude. For all SAC members who have expressed an interest in doing some regular climbing workouts in anticipation of doing tougher routes in good style, I strongly recommend getting up on the mountain - there is no better preparation for climbing than climbing. This e-forum and your SAC membership phone list are both excellent way to pick up partners, but don't let lack of companionship stop you - hiking up to Crater Rock requires no technical gear and is ~ 3,500' of work you wouldn't have done if you hadn't gone. On any day where the weather is not horrible, you'll find plenty of skiers, climbers and boarders up in that neighborhood to keep you company.


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