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Half Hood Climb - Turned Full Hood via South Route

May 11, 2019

Coordinator: Ben Rosati

Summit Altitude: 8 feet
Elevation Gain: 2800 feet
Round-trip Distance: 5 miles
Excursion Time: 6 hours (car-to-car)

The team of 4 half Hooders were joined by another 2 SACsters in need of some company for at least the first portion of their summit push. Leaving the climbers cave at 12 am, the crew was off into the warm night breeze. They knew given their size and fitness a full summit push was in the cards. They were wary of the weather however, knowing that given the warm temps the pearly gates could be dangerous. The pace was brisk and the mood was cheery as the team arrived at the top of the Palmer lift. One climber who had sustained an injury the previous weekend was not feeling 100% at that point. After continuing up for another few hundred feet, that climber made the decision to turn back due to the injury. He ended up returning safely with no issues. The remaining crew pushed on, arriving at the top of the hogs back just as the sun was rising. Stepping over a 1 ft wide schrund and traversing right below the gates the team made their final push. Opting for the direct approach to the left gate, they made their way to the summit with ease arriving just before 5:30 am. Two tools were a welcome luxury for most climbers. Celebratory high fives and fist bumps for all were had. The team shared the moment with the other 2 SAC summit teams that had made it that morning making this possibly the largest SAC Hood Summit photo in recent memory. The descent went off down the pearly gates with only 1 minor issue. One climber took a small trip coming down the hogsback, but immediately dropped into self arrest position and was just fine. Rumor has it that an apparition of Byron had appeared to scream at her to get her body weight over the ax. That's only a rumor though. All in all great times with a fantastic crew.

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