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August 28, 2019

Coordinator: Andy DeGregorio

Excursion Time: 2 hours (car-to-car)

A clinic for anyone who would like a refresher or a crash course in map, compass and altimeter skills. We will meet at 7 at my house in SE Portland, where fellow instructor Alpine Dan and I will spend a few hours going over such information as topo maps, setting up and using a compass, a clinometer, an altimeter, and a gps, using caltopo to create maps and tactics for making sure you get where you want to go. I haven't done this before, but anticipate we won't have enough time to go over everything in as much detail as anyone, me especially, would like, so we will take a pole to decide on which skills to prioritize ahead of time. You do not need any equipment for this clinic, but if you have your own compass/altimeter/GPS, bring it so you can familiarize yourself with it. If you can, print a copy of the map listed below and check it out ahead of time, but if you can't, I can print out copies and have them ready for you. Please do not buy any equipment for this clinic, we can talk about what to get so you don't waste your money! Outline of potential things we'll go over here

Signed Up: 4
Maximum Allowed: 6
Optional Equipment (each participant): Map of Mt hood - - available at this link until 8-20, after that email me for a copy - print in color, Compass, Altimeter, GPS - smart phone with an app is fine
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