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3 Fingered Jack

September 22 to September 23, 2018

Coordinator: Andy DeGregorio

Summit Altitude: 7844 feet
Elevation Gain: 2600 feet
Round-trip Distance: 12 miles
Excursion Time: 30 hours (car-to-car)

Planning to meet at the PCT trailhead off highway 20, we'll hike 4.5 miles up to beautiful Summit Lake (an unmaintained trail gets us the last quarter mile from the PCT to the lake, I'll email out a map) where we'll spend the night and then get up early to hike the final mile, taking the climbers path about half a mile up to the ridge, and climb the technical part to the summit, aiming to have lunch near the top. The technical part includes a fixed line traverse through "the crawl" and a climb we'll break into 2 pitches. After we'll descend, go back to camp, break camp and hike out. We'll finalize who is going and if the weather looks good by Thursday. If you have a stove set, fuel, or water filter you'd like to bring, let me know.

Signed Up: 7
Maximum Allowed: 7
Team Equipment: Ropes, Slings, Lockers, Rappel Ring, Draws and 2 pieces of pro, Stoves, Fuel, Cooking Pots, Water Filters
Required Equipment (each participant): Harness, Helmet, Locker, Belay Device, Prussiks, 2 non-lockers, Overnight supplies (sleeping bag, pad, toiletries, etc), Ourdoor clothing (comfortable climbing clothes, a warm jacket, etc), Food (Lunch and dinner for Saturday, a quick breakfast and lunch for Sunday, as well as snacks), Minimum 2 Liters of water per person for the climb
Optional Equipment (each participant): Climbing shoes - the technical part does not require climbing shoes, but some people feel better with them, GPS and Camera - aka a phone - highly recommended with a map and/or waypoints or tracks uploaded - I'll work on getting tracks and or waypoints
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Kerra says:
I have a jetboil Sumo. I’ll be driving from Portland but have to stop in Salem to drop off my dogs. I’m happy to ride w someone or drive and carpool. Either from Portland or Salem.

Kyle says:
I will be in need of a ride as I have no car. I am in North Portland at Interstate and Rosa Parks, and have a perfect pitch when it comes to in-car karaoke. Please and Thank you

Erik says:
I'd like to carpool as well--please reach out if you still have room or are in need of a ride...

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