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Ice Climbing

September 15 to September 16, 2018

Coordinator: Mark Barnard

We will be starting at Cloud Cap campground and climbing up to the Elliot glacier where we will practice moving on steep ice and snow, use of tool tools and of course, we will be ice climbing in some of the crevasses. This is a great introduction to how to negotiate steep ice and snow, efficient and safe crampon techniques, climbing and descending steep slopes,anchor building and technical-two tool ice climbing. We will spend tow days so be ready to climb up the glacier two days.

Signed Up: 7
Maximum Allowed: 12
Team Equipment: I will supply ropes and anchor building materials (screws, pulleys, pickets, slings...)
Required Equipment (each participant): Helmet harness crampons two lockers and two non-lockers. Clothing for all conditions. Sun glasses, sunscreen, food for the two days.,
Optional Equipment (each participant): Sour patch kids for instructors :)
Not Required: Good clean jokes.
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