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Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue

August 18, 2018

Coordinator: Dan Scofield

Roping up on the north side of Hood to learn and practice glacier travel and rope management techniques. Hike up to the Eliot Glacier and find some sketchy crevasses to practice rescue scenarios.

Rope teams, snow travel, snow and ice anchors, rescue situations, steep snow and ice, top-rope ice climbing if we have time.

Signed Up: 13
Maximum Allowed: 12
Team Equipment: Glacier ropes, Pickets, Ice screws, Cooler full of cold beers
Required Equipment (each participant): Required:, Helmet, Harness, Ice axe, Minimum one locking carabiner, Prusik cords x2 (one waist, one foot), Warm/dry footwear, Crampons (steel preferred, aluminum ok), Layers for a full day out
Optional Equipment (each participant): Not required (don't buy these things just for this day):, Pulleys x2, Additional locking carabiners (oval is great), Non-locking carabiner (ovals, wire gates), Picket, Ice screws, Belay device, Personal anchor system
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William says:
Is there still room on this trip? I'd love to come.

Dan (leader) answers:
Hey William, There's still room but the plan has changed due to poor conditions on the glacier. We're meeting at Lewis and Clark State Rec site (exit 18 off I-84) tomorrow morning at 9am. Gear list is the same. Bring lunch and water. Hopefully see you there. Dan

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