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Mt Jefferson

June 22 to June 24, 2018

Coordinator: Andy DeGregorio

Summit Altitude: 10495 feet
Elevation Gain: 7400 feet
Round-trip Distance: 15 miles
Excursion Time: 60 hours (car-to-car)

This climb is intended for members who want to take on more leadership roles on club climbs by becoming assistants /rope leaders and, though we are planning on summiting, will involve practicing skills which will include having to carry and place extra gear. The team will be limited in size and members need to have experience on previous overnight climbs, rope teams and rock climbing and preferable attended the assistant instructors clinic this year. If you are not accepted this year, do not get discouraged. We are hoping to hold this climb, or a similar one, annually, depending on things go. Except updates as this climb draws nearer.

Note - if you don't have all the gear listed, do not buy anything before asking, we should be able to supply many of the required items and don't want anyone spending money until they have experience using these items in the field and know what their preferences/the trade offs are.

Signed Up: 9
Maximum Allowed: 6
Team Equipment: Ropes, Pickets, Rock Anchor, Stove and pots, First Aid Kits, Radios, Snow Shovels, Emergency Beacon (spot or similar), Ice Screws, Water Filters, Emergency blanket/bivy,
Required Equipment (each participant): Helmet, Harness, Ice Axe, Belay Device, Crampons, Prussik cords with 2 Carabiners, Pulley with a carabiner, 2 Lockers and 2 wire gate carabiners, Single and Double sling, Camping supplies, Gas canister, All vehicles require a NW forest pass for parking
Optional Equipment (each participant): trekking poles
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