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Mt. McLoughlin climb (non-technical)

September 15, 2018

Coordinator: Bill Nelson

Summit Altitude: 9493 feet
Elevation Gain: 3900 feet
Round-trip Distance: 11 miles
Excursion Time: 7 hours (car-to-car)

Admit it, you've always wanted to climb near the stratosphere to the top of a STRATOVOLCANO, right? Mt McLoughlin is one of these, and is the highest peak between Mt Shasta and South Sister. Great views! It is a long drive from PDX but should be nice camping at Fourmile Lake or Lake of the Woods. I have reserved one site at Lake/woods for six people. If interest is sufficient I will snag another. Update: see team only info on camping.

Signed Up: 10
Tentative: 1
Maximum Allowed: 12
Team Equipment: No team equipment required
Required Equipment (each participant): At least 2 liters water, make that three. , snacks/food, clothing layers, really sturdy shoes (good grip recommended), sunscreen/hat? , 11 essentials
Optional Equipment (each participant): Trekking poles, Gloves (rocky slope may require occasional handholds), scree gaiters, Subway Sandwiches?, bug spray (yes, even in Sept.), Binoculars - sunglasses - Brunton compass,
Not Required: Pyramid Outburst IPA (post hike). Swim cossie 'cause if it is really hot out we hope to swim in the lake afterward.
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Cristina says:
Hi, Is this open only to SAC students? If possible, I would like to bring a fit and easy going plus one.

Bill (leader) answers:
Hi Christina, Please see my PM email. A good +one is welcome, however we are pushing up against the maximum. Regards, BN

Bill (leader) says:
Sorry, saw mistaken given name. I meant Cristina!

Katherine says:
Ahh man. I forgot I'm Riding the Rim this weekend... stoked for the ride but bummed to miss this.

Bill (leader) answers:
Katherine, Wow yes, Ride the Rim is a fantastic alternative to a climb! Please post some photos so we can see the deepest blue of the lake! Regards

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