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St Helens (turned into half hood due to weather and avalanche risk)

March 25, 2018

Coordinator: Noël Tavan

Summit Altitude: 8100 feet
Elevation Gain: 4800 feet
Round-trip Distance: 12 miles
Excursion Time: 14 hours (car-to-car)
Carpool ratio: 3.0 (people/cars)

Hopefully we get awesome weather where we can summit. If weather is not so great but the roads are driveable, we could use this to get an awesome work out. I recommend ski/split board to get down the mountain a bit faster. But snowshoes are also welcome. We could split up on the way down or wait for each others depending on level of experience. People are welcome to camp the night before to make the drive easier. We can plan on carpool when we get closer to the date.

If I don't know you, please provide a quick climbing resume (have you intended climb school, mountains climbed, fitness level, etc..). Email me at

Signed Up: 10
Maximum Allowed: 8
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