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Glacier Travel Crevasse Rescue Intro to Ice Climbing

August 12 to August 13, 2017

Coordinator: Mark Barnard

We will be meeting at the Cloud Cap Camp ground on the east side of Mt Hood Saturday morning Aug 12th. Hiking up onto the Elliot Glacier we will break into rope teams and practice rope travel techniques and glacier navigation. We will also learn crevasse rescue techniques. The next day we will head back up on the Elliot to practice our skills and learn some introductory ice climbing skills

Signed Up: 12
Awaiting Approval: 3
Maximum Allowed: 10
Team Equipment: Two or Three ropes. Pickets ice Screws Pulleys
Required Equipment (each participant): Helmet, crampons, harness, prussiks, Ice axes, Belay device, Locking and Non-locking beaners , sun screen, layers for hot and cold, backpacks
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Event Forum

Damian says:
Hello Mark, I recently completed the SAC mountain climbing school. May I participate?

Mark (leader) says:
Hi Everyone, Wow there has been considerable interest in the Glacier Travel, Crevasse Rescue class. There are enough people plus 2 or 3 to fill the class, so we probably won't be able to take more requests. We need to limit the class to 10. If i can get some veteran SAC members to step up and help with the course we will try to add some more people. I'll be emailing people soon to confirm their status. Stand by Mark

Mark (leader) says:
I have sent out an email to everyone on the list that provided me with one. I have to limit the course to 11 people plus myself. Please look for the email. Mark Barnard

Mark (leader) says:
Hey everyone. I will be posting some changes to the roster of people that will be able to join up next week for the Crevasse Rescue course. There have been some people drop out. I'm climbing up in Leavenworth, WA this weekend. Home Sunday night Mark

Mark (leader) says:
Hi folks, hope your weekend was good. I have made what will probably be the last changes to next weekend's Glacier Travel/Crevasse Rescue course roster. Stand bye because there may be some other people that drop out. I may need to shorten the course to just the one day. I have a BIG climbing vacation planed for the following week and still need to do a lot of organizing and prepping for that trip. I'll give you a final decision on 1 or 2 days later this week as I see how much can get done. I will also send out final instructions on what, where and when for Saturday morning later this week. Cheers Mark

Mark (leader) says:
Hi Everyone. A bit more info on this coming weekend's course. I'd like you all to get on the internet or find a book that illustrates a few techniques and skills that will help you with the course. Look up "crampon use techniques". German, French, US-it helpful info. If you don't know how to tie a clove hitch or a Munter knot look it up. Practice your other knots as well. Check your boots and make sure they are in good condition, pre-fit your crampons to them so you know have to get them on before we go. Look up on Youtube how to do a Kiwi coil for the end of the rope. And, look up on Youtube some Crevasse rescue techniques. If you are familiar with these things the things we go over will make quick sense to you. More later Thanks Mark

Erik says:
I'd like to carpool--if anyone is interested, text me at ###-###-####

Cynthia answers:
I am happy to carpool, either as a driver or a passenger. I live in Woodburn, and could meet up with anybody who lives a little south of Portland.

Erik answers:
I live in Sellwood (pretty much on your way Cynthia) text me if you're interested...

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