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Half Hood Climb

May 13 to May 14, 2017

Coordinator: Noel Tavan

Carpool ratio: 4.0 (people/cars)

Beginners welcome. Climb school students are welcome and encouraged to join me. Please let me know when you have graduated from climb school and who your instructors were. We would meet at the Climber's cave around midnight. Assistant and Experienced climbers are welcome if they would like to help me lead this event. Please let me know.

Please consider a Hood half climb before attempting a summit. This is a great conditioning hike to test out your gears (mountaineering boots, crampons, ice axe, backpack, layers etc...) as well as food intake and sleep deprivation.

Please email me your details at or you are welcome to add it as a comment on this page.

I will start approving participants after this weekend to give students the chance to get a feel for the snow on Sunday and apply for this climb or the half hood climb.

Signed Up: 9
Awaiting Approval: 1
Maximum Allowed: 12
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Noel (leader) says:
Please let me know when you have graduated from climb school and who your instructors were. Please email me your details at (email hidden) or you are welcome to add it as a comment on this Event Forum.

Noel (leader) says:
Hello, please update/add your emergency contact info - Make sure your contact is not part of the team. I will send out an email soon with packing list.

Fritz answers:
There isn't presently any way for them to do that. If you click the "open for verify" on the settings page, they'll get a form for them to verify/update their status and emergency contacts, but I don't usually recommend opening for verify until a week or so from the event, since it's a nice time to have them confirm that they are still planning to attend.

Fritz answers:
I stand correcting myself, there is a way for them to do that, using the "Edit Your Information" link above. It'll still prompt them to verify it when you "open for verify" a week or so before the event.

Noel (leader) says:
Hello everyone, Fritz pointed out that the dates might not be clear. The climb is happening on Sunday at midnight. (Leaving Portland Saturday night and returning Sunday morning/noon). It is the same day as Mother's day. Please let me know if this changes things. I will send out a gear list tomorrow.

Fritz answers:
I don't think I can go on Mother's Day due to family responsibilities. I could go on Saturday if that is an option.

Noel (leader) answers:
Are there interests in climbing Friday/Saturday instead? We could have 2 smaller groups that way.

Sriharish answers:
Friday-Saturday works better for me. I'd definitely be up for that if you guys are going to do it.

Noel (leader) says:
I have sent out an email this morning with packing list. Please let me know if you haven't received it (check your spam folder). Reminder, this is a beginner friendly climb so if you have a high level of fitness, please expect to go slowly and take several break (once every hour). Thus, bring warm layers so you don't get cold while waiting around. Thermos with hot beverage is worth the extra weight in my opinion.

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