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Hood Climb

May 20 to May 21, 2017

Coordinator: Noel Tavan

Summit Altitude: 11259 feet
Elevation Gain: 5400 feet
Round-trip Distance: 8 miles
Excursion Time: 12 hours (car-to-car)
Carpool ratio: 4.0 (people/cars)

Must be in decent shape. Must be able to self arrest. Indicate if you have attended Climb School - what year and who were your instructors. Please also indicate if you have previous mountaineering experience. First timer are welcome. Please email me your details at or you are welcome to add it as a comment on this page.

Priority will go for students who also go to the half climb. Half climb is highly recommended for first time Hood Climber. I will start approving participants after this weekend to give students the chance to get a feel for the snow on Sunday and apply for this climb or the half hood climb.

Signed Up: 12
Awaiting Approval: 2
Maximum Allowed: 8
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John says:
Hi Noel (let me know if there's a better way to contact you) - I'm currently in climb school. This would be my first real mountaineering objective, but I've done a ton of backpacking and winter camping. I also did St. Helens last winter. I have about 10 months of gym climbing under my belt and have done outdoor sport climbing on several occasions (my leading skills are tentative, but my belaying skills are decent). I run about 5 days a week, including a 10-15 mile run with hills most weeks. Until recently, I also climbed in the gym about 3 days a week. I'd love to join the climb and will let you know the instructor I end up working with at climb school this weekend.

Noel (leader) answers:
Thanks John, that's a good way to contact me or via email at (email hidden). You look like you got solid fitness. I will start approving people after climb school this weekend to make sure everyone get the chance to apply. Also, please consider signing for the half hood climb if you are available.

Noel (leader) says:
Email to the group was sent. Let me know if you haven't received it. We got a pretty solid group and I am excited.

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