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Fastpacking Trip

July 1 to July 4, 2017

Coordinator: Noël Tavan

Elevation Gain: 27000 feet
Round-trip Distance: 120 miles

More details to come. I would like to do a 4-day fastpacking trip with some mountain climbing here and there. Must be able to cover 20-30 miles per day at a slow jog or fast walking pace (~15 min/mi on flats) and carry your own equipment (shelters, sleeping bag, etc...). You must be familiar with your equipment. This means your pack must be light and comfortable enough to let your run with it. Typically, those weight between 10 and 20 lbs with food and water. First timers are welcome. If you are hesitant, we can go on a few trail run together to access your level of fitness.

Here is more info what fastpacking is

Here is the route I was thinking - out and back

Distance: 120 miles

Elevation gain: 27,000 feet

Contact me via email if you have questions.

Signed Up: 1
Tentative: 2
Maximum Allowed: 8
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Noël (leader) says:
I updated the description.

Erik says:
Noel, I am an experienced backpacker, and I trail run regularly. However I have never tried fastpacking. It will mean getting some new gear and pairing down my pack weight even further, but I am curious and excited to try it out. In the interest of time, and to give ourselves some margin of error for our first fastpacking excursion, Marina and I were thinking of staging a vehicle at the halfway point of the trip, and simply doing 60 miles one-way. We'll try to maintain your pace for the two days, but in case of injury/fatigue, we'll stick together and have an extra day just in case... What do you think?

Noël (leader) answers:
Sounds like a solid plan. I could pick you guys up and drive us to the other way and stash some food in your car for the halfway point so I don't have to carry too much.

Erik answers:
That would be great--thank you!

Noël (leader) says:
Hello, I am thinking about doing a small trip next weekend to test out my gears. I was thinking out to whatum lake saturday on the eagle creek side, spend the night there and come back on the ruckle creek side on sunday. Let me know if you are interested.

Marina answers:
Hi Noel, I would be interested in doing this hike next weekend. Let me know if it's still going to be an option. :)

Noël (leader) says:
The 50 mile unsupported FKT sounds tempting for next weekend. Adrian, want in?

Adrian says:
Noel. Still tentative. I think next weekend I am climbing but not sure yet.

Noël (leader) says:
Email sent regarding this weekend. Will use the same thread for the following weekend. Let me know if you haven't received it. Let me know if you want to bail out. Let me know if you got questions or concerns.

Erik says:
Noel, I had to change to tentative due to the flare-up of a calf injury on my run this morning. Currently icing and medicating. Fingers crossed

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