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Submitting Photos

We would love to have your event photos as part of our archive, and to share them with your teammates!
  • Photos can (and should) be submitted in full resolution; no need to resize them.
  • We would appreciate some level of filtering, to avoid having lousy photos in the database, but this is optional.
  • Movies are also welcome! If your camera creates a still photo to go with each movie, please upload the still photo too!
Here is how you can submit them to us:

Windows Users:

  1. If you haven't already, download the app by clicking here: SAC Uploader, and saving the file to your desktop, or wherever.
  2. Click on the app's icon, enter your name and the title of the event.
  3. Click "Select Files for upload", choose all the photo files (using Shift and Control keys to select multiple files).
  4. Click "Open" and the upload will begin. Leave the program open until it tells you the upload is finished. It may take a while (depending on the size and quantity of photos), and may appear to freeze temporarily, but this is normal.

Files must be uploaded from a single folder on a hard drive, memory card, or other writeable space, not from a CD/DVD or other write-protected location. If you have photos on a CD that you want to upload, first copy them to your desktop or hard drive.

If Windows gives warnings about "running programs from the internet" or other security concerns, allow it to continue. The app is perfectly safe.

Mac Users:

  1. If you haven't already, click here to download the Mac SAC Uploader.
  2. Click on the Sac Uploader icon from your downloads or desktop.
  3. If it warns you about an application downloaded from the internet, press 'Ok'. It is perfectly safe.
  4. Enter your name and the name of the event.
  5. Click "Select Files for upload", choose all the photo files, click 'Open' and you're done! Leave the program open until it tells you the upload is finished.

Linux Users:

FTP the files to
user name:
(must use all that for a username, including the "@fritz...")
password: climbupnup

When you're in, you should see a file called "Sunset.jpg", just to confirm that you are here.
Preferably, upload your files into a folder of the format "YourName-Event"
Email the event leader when you're done, so they notice that the photos are there.

Happy Uploading! Thank you for contributing to our archive!

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